dataOrganise The iPhone app

An iPhone app to organise, track, and provide fast access to your personal data.

Have you ever had to fill in a form asking for previous addresses you have lived in? No need to waste time looking through your old papers to find the addresses, let dataOrganise manage the information for you.

Having different usernames for online services is good practice, and helps to keep your accounts safe. However remembering all the information can be a challenge. That's why dataOrganise can be use to store these details in one place and can be accessed at any time. There is the option to add a password hint (words that could help you remember your password - but remember not to save your password).

The dataOrganise application includes the following features:

  • Organise data for:
    • Properties you have lived in.
    • Cars you have owned.
    • Doctor, dentist, optometrist, etc... for you or other family members.
    • Your bank account details.
    • Details for school your family members attend and the contact details.
    • Usernames and "password hints" for different online accounts.
  • Schedule reminders into your calendar app for when you have to pay power bills, insurance, and other expenses.
  • Interactive texts for:
    • Phone numbers to start calling.
    • Website addresses to open the website in Safari.
    • Location addresses to open iPhone Map app.
  • Search easily for your personal data.